Pure Living – Cleansing

One of the first steps towards creating a beautiful healing lifestyle is to purify. Cleansing your space of the toxic energies, products, people and clutter really has a powerful way of shifting your life into a place of not just healing, but pure bliss. So take a moment and reflect on the areas in your life now that need cleansing. Write anything that comes to mind down so you can begin to transform these areas one at a time. The key here is to enjoy the process and not to let it feel overwhelming.
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Musings – Healing

“When you heal yourself, you rise as a divine creative being who holds space for serving others in a place called home. Designed to showcase the best expression of your essence, and a place to honor and revive your warrior soul through self-love and self-care. To then nurture loved ones with your radiant presence, providing a ripple affect fueled by pure divine natural living.”
— Jessica Cure

This all sounds great, but for many including me when I began, you ask yourself, where do I start? How can I create a life with spaces to allow my body, mind and soul to heal naturally? It all seems so overwhelming. You want a pure non-toxic home and life, you want it to look and feel divine, you want a nurturing natural space to call home and you want your lifestyle to promote creativity, beauty, love and most of all healing. I know I want all of these!

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