Musings – Reflections on 2015 and a Thank You

“Your external reality is a reflection of your internal vibration.”

I spent the last few weeks enjoying the holidays, but really felt the need for some deep reflection on the year while beginning to set some mindful intentions going into 2016. I spent Christmas night under the full moon cleansing and letting go of the anger that had seemed to inch its way into my heart. The last few months were filled with heavy emotions surrounded by sick loved ones, my own health, issues from the past arising, car issues and relationships. Much of these are lessons and I needed to take note, process my feelings, go deep within myself to let go of the anger and fear. This allowed the love to flow back into my heart. Read more

Inspiration – Carly Morgan Gross Sexy Self Care

December is here and the holiday season is in full mode which means lots of parties and fun, but can also be a time leading to extra stress. It is important during these times to really set time aside for yourself with a self care practice. This month I will be writing a lot about holiday ideas and incorporating self care to your busy schedule.

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