Interior Design: Sacred Spaces for Self Love and Healing

We all need a space to unwind, unplug and feel loved. Designing your bedroom and sacred spaces to promote these ideas is important in your healthy healing lifestyle.

  • Always have fresh clean water easily available. I use a vintage pitcher from my grandmother and have a cup or two nearby.
  • Bring nature indoors with elements such as fresh flowers, crystals and lavender. Lavender promotes relaxation, crystals can absorb negative energy and fresh flowers for the sensual feminine touch.
  • Make the bed your focal point and be sure it is a sanctuary for love and relaxation. Choose an organic mattress and bedding. I also used a vintage handmade blanket and pillows. I added a canopy of sheers to create a space that feels inclusive and sexy.
  • Be sure to unplug your electronics and save the TV for your entertainment space. You will sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. This is a space for self love and self care, so enjoy this time being present with yourself. This is also a space for you and your partner to be present with each other, so leave the distractions for another space.
  • Create sacred spaces for healing. This space includes a beautiful chaise lounge with a side table of healing essentials. Include some essential oils, a diffuser, some tea and a good book or journal and you have your own little healing corner.
  • Spark some romance. Indulge in some organic products such as Herbivore Botanicals Body Oil or Glycelene’s lavender beauty ointment. Spend some time giving a self massage or take turns massaging each other. You deserve it!



sacred spaces

“Create an energy for your sacred spaces using items that evoke emotion or tune into your senses such as scents, music, pictures, plants, crystals and stones.”

sacred spaces

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Create your own I AM Statement.

“I am a divine feminine warrior goddess who is infinitely powerful” – Jessica Cure

sacred spaces

With Love,


Jessica Cure

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