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Dig In with These Spring Detox Tips: Part 1

What is Spring detox all about?

In addition to my upcoming webinar and e-course on Spring detox, I have asked a variety top wellness coaches what their life and home spring detox rituals and tips are and I am sharing them in a multi-part series.

 Luna Love: @lunaloveleadership @ladieswholeadpodcast


spring detox

As Spring welcomes herself into our lives with the smell of blossoms in the air I always create intentional time for her winds to sweep through my home and being. I welcome a clean, fresh, new start, brushing away the cobwebs gathered throughout the Winter. At the start of each season I create sacred space to revisit and assess where I am at, refining as needed and reigniting passion to those overlooked. I like to fill my home with fresh flowers, keep the windows open 24-hours and keep it as light as possible.

Spring calls for renewal, the sheets become a lighter color, the rugs may move about the space and a thorough cleaning is in order with water blessings and white sage smudge. Lastly I go through my clothes and make a pile for a local girl’s clothing swap. What I invite within myself and for each of you during this time is deep inquiry, “What is weighing me down?” Upon receipt of this awareness trust yourself to make the most self-honoring choice in relationship to the weight; whether it be belongings, physical body weight, thoughts, resentments and unforgivenesses.

Luna Love Wellness

Nick Kowalski & Adriana Rivera: @nicksfit @amonkii

spring detox

Every spring (and fall) I do a 4 Phase “SkinTox” that is derived from the purification practices of Ayurveda. You can get it for free at my blog. I call it a “SkinTox” because the final result of internal purification shines brightly through the canvas that is our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and detoxification pathway, when our body’s not properly detoxifying, be it from toxic overload or poor digestive function, it shows up on the skin.

In fact, any issue with the skin is usually a really good sign that our major detoxification organs like the intestinal tract, kidneys and liver are on overload. That is because the skin is sort of the last line of defense in the detoxification system. If the major organs are working well, rarely if at all does the skin suffer.

 Unlike most “detoxification programs” the 4 Phase SkinTox preps the body for detoxification, balances blood sugar and strengthens the HPA axis and digestive system. This gradually detoxifies the body so there is no feeling of a herxheimer reaction (feeling worse before you get better).
Also unique to my program is an abundance of fermented and probiotic foods like sauerkraut, coconut kefir and other cultured foods. These build immunity, strengthen the digestive system while detoxifying the body of pathogens and other poisons. The initial phase of the program is how I eat on a pretty regular basis, in fact, this program is really just a sequence of my regular diet now a days – I’m really detoxifying all the time! A day in the life of this spring cleansing ritual would look something like this:
  • Breakfast – 16 oz mineralized spring water (I add concentrace minerals or fulvic acid to help hydrate the body deeply and support the immune system.)
  • Tonic – after water I enjoy some sort of medicinal mushroom/herbal tonic. Sometimes I have Bulletproof Coffee as a base, which actually promotes liver cleansing. But during the spring detox, I go off the coffee for the reason that is produces a lot of heat in the body. Instead, I stick to medicinal herbal extracted powders like Reishi, Chaga, Cordycepes and He Shou Wu, which all modulate the immune system, cleanse the liver, produce Jing/Shen energy and actually taste amazing blended with some fresh raw almond milk, a dash of stevia and fresh ground vanilla!
  • Lunch – Midday I always go with a smoothie – I like to keep the first have of the day liquid, it keeps things light on the digestive system, which preserves my energy for living and work while also nourishing me. Preferably I do green during this time to support liver cleansing. Wild dandelion is hands down the healthiest food we can eat for the liver! It’s a bitter that stimulates the vagus nerve to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. It’s also a prebiotic, cleanses the blood, stimulates the digestive system and so much more! You can check out my Probiotic Green Smoothie for my go-to green smoothie during spring cleansing.
  • Dinner – By 6-7 I eat my first and only solid meal of the day. Lately it’s been Raw Nori Rolls or Blended Savory Soups made by my gorgeous and talented wife. She’s a food goddess! Dinner is always so satisfying and delicious, enough to make my body dance while eating haha. However, the foods are always plant-based, 100% organic, home-made and during spring cleansing I am not eating any meat or animal foods during this time (with the exception of raw, cultured grass-fed butter during Phase 1). We add tons of seaweeds to our savory dishes, which chelate heavy metals, cleanse the pituitary gland, nourish the adrenal and thyroid and deeply mineralize the body. We have two books coming out soon that feature all the foods I’m talking about here so be sure to check in with us on Instagram.
  • Movement/Yoga – Our spring cleansing routine goes FAR beyond nutrition but it’s definitely a foundation – clean body, clear mind! We make sure to move together or alone daily to keep the lymph clean and blood circulating. Also, we both have a devoted spiritual practice, call it yoga, for us, it’s a devotion to living in spirit and loving each other and creating from a place of newness, never old energy. What this looks like for us is a morning movement or shared yoga practice. We also set daily intentions together that are true to ourselves and take steps towards them daily. Also, we always make time just to be together and express ourselves through very direct, honest expression verbally and emotionally. For us, true wellness is a holistic experience in mind, body and spirit – the way we do this is ever changing but we always make sure we act from spirit.

Nick’s Fit

Sima Morison: @houseofcitrine

spring detox

My spring ritual has actually remained the same since childhood. Being Iranian American, we celebrate the Persian New Year on the first day of spring. The season is all about rebirth, starting fresh in every way possible. Setting intentions during this time is extremely potent, especially as I marvel at the newly sprung growth within my own yard.

 The home is the first and most essential place to start clearing for the Equinox. Your living space should be a sanctuary, to be loved and nourished as a personal temple. “Less is more” is one of my go to philosophies and this goes for the home too. I deeply enjoy decluttering and anything that doesn’t intuitively feel right, I donate. I know it was there for the time being but it must find a new home. We as humans do a large amount of impulsive shopping. However, once we tune into ourselves, we make better decisions based on real needs verses wants stemming from the illusion of  scarcity.
I also buy new plants for my home during spring. They bring rich new oxygen to my home which is crucial for keeping me grounded. I adore green leafy plants and succulents. I always keep fresh Hyacinth flowers in my home and the scent is so dreamy.
I find it essential to use non-toxic cleaning supplies in order to truly clear space. You can use Dr. Bronners Sal Suds All Purpose Cleaner on anything. Keep your detergents chemical and scent free. Zum Clean is my personal favorite.
Typical air fresheners are toxic, but 100% pure essential oils can be used instead. The energetic tool I burn in my home is sage and palo santo. I use those for energetic cleansing and to raise my vibration to bring a deeper connection to the Earth and your divine source.
You may consider some sort of EMF protection in your home, which is important for radiation shielding. A seasonal mold check would be wise. Do a pantry and fridge clear out. Get rid of accumulated plastic in the house, as research continuously shows how it increases estrogen in the body. Lastly, go find some special crystals for your home. They are full of healing and protection properties, not to mention they look gorgeous!!!!

House of Citrine

Colleen Baxter: @vesselandsoullove

spring detox

 As a Health Coach and lover of Spring, and all things natural, cleansing, and empowering, here are a few of my simple tips for spring cleaning home and life in body, mind, and soul:
  1. Gathering clothing, decorations, electronics, beauty products, kitchen items, etc. that we don’t absolutely love or consistently use, and have a donation based yardsale party. It’s a chance to get friends together for some food and fun, sell and barter items that you once enjoyed and give them new life with new beings. I just did this recently at my home in Topanga, and it feels SO good to lighten up, create space in home and mind for clearer more conscious energy flow.
  2. Take all packaged processed foods and drinks that may have snuck in during the winter months, and replace with whole nutrient rich foods from the earth. This means organic vegetables, fruit, grassfed pasture raised animal products, wild seafood, beans, nuts, seeds, good fats, herbs, and clean water.  Up your water and fibrous food intake to help detox the body of toxins and excess weight, cleansing the body, boosting the mind, and clearing the channel for higher consciousness.
  3. Plant a spring garden, in a large plot or small pot, planting and nurturing green beings to life is a wonderful stress reducer, meditation practice, oxygenator, and helps brighten up your home and cooking. Start small with simple herbs, lettuces, or tomatoes, and play from there. Nothing tastes as good as your own home grown food, not to mention is better for your health and pocketbook.
When we cleanse our physical body and environment, we remove excess heavy weight in matter and energy, and give our body, mind, and spirt a reboot and chance to more fully thrive.

Vessel and Soul


What are your Spring cleaning and Spring detox rituals for your life and home? Share in comments.

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