Dig In with These Spring Detox Tips: Part 2

What is Spring detox all about?

spring detox

In addition to my upcoming webinar and e-course on Spring detox, I have asked a variety top wellness coaches what their life and home spring detox rituals and tips are and I am sharing them in a multi-part series.

Kristin Dahl: @dahlhousenutrition

spring detox

Spring is a time of renewed energy and the perfect time for a metamorphosis of self. The season calls for a shedding of accumulated stagnation both physically and spiritually to make way for new, expansive energy to flow in. The fastest route for me to deeply connect to the organic flow of nature is to cleanse my body with a 3 day juice fast, followed by consuming cleansing foods and avoiding any sugars or stimulants. I get my lymph flowing more with active workouts, hot yoga, and long hikes in the mountains. During this time, I also open myself up to new opportunities, spend more time outdoors, and implement mindfulness into my everyday routine. All of these practices lift me up, create expansion, and leave me feeling renewed.

Dahl House Nutrition

Indy Rishi: @indyrishi3

spring detox

According to Ayurveda, it’s important to live with plants. Every change of season, I clean up any disorder in the room and within myself. This means I do a fast that begins with a nature inspired retreat (may or may not involve my fungi friends). I also change the plants in my room and home. I’ll take the ones I have and plant them outside somewhere, and introduce plants that will prosper in the spring season (or the season I’m currently in). I’ve noticed many of my teachers and really amazing people have similar habits for themselves (that’s why I’m trying to copy them).

It seems that a natural retreat that reconnects you to inner world is very important, especially as we enter into a vibrant season like Spring. It’s equally important to detox the body with a fast so that your immune system can be primed for all the allergens that will be coming your way. There are currently wonderful studies out of USC that illustrate the benefits of fasting.

A physical makeover of the plant life in your home can also give you energy to deal with the influx of business and movement. Plants give us oxygen and produce negative ions (like a natural air purification machine). Plants grow and prosper better in different seasons depending on different climates. Ask a local “professional” green thumb what’s best for you and where you live. The most important tip is to make Spring a time to mind your mental diet. Pay attention to what your mind digests so that you can have an incredible Summer and rest of the year!

I Living

Hilary Pearlson: @jewelsofadreamer

spring detox

My sanity is deeply rooted in routine and evaluating what needs to be detoxed from my life throughout the year, but I have found that Spring is truly the season of transformation. With rising temps and brighter days, I instantly begin to feel like a new person which is only enhanced by practicing self-care in all aspects of my life. Shedding the layers of what is no longer serving me from my wardrobe to my kitchen, home, beauty products and the ways I spend my time; everything feels bursting with possibility.
I begin to crave and cook lighter meals, trips to the farmers market and filling the house with a bounty of seasonal fruits and veggies is non-negotiable (for me it is one of my highest forms of self-care and makes me feel energized and excited to experiment with new recipes). I’m a huge fan of a good closet detox and clearing up the energy in my wardrobe by removing items that are no longer bringing me joy. Clothes that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn in ages are donated, and this makes room for me to see clearly what I need and ways to reinvent what I own. I have found that this allows for the perfect pieces to come into my life that make me feel confident and at ease in my skin. In my home, I enjoy diffusing essentials oils like lavender, clary sage and eucalyptus, doing a deep clean and removing clutter, scanning any paperwork that has piled up and opening up the windows to let light and fresh air take over the apartment. My beauty products transition to lighter oils/creams and brighter makeup colors (some of my favorite natural beauty makeup brands include RMS Beauty, W3ll People and ILIA). I also love to celebrate the changing of seasons with close friends and within the community by going to events, enjoying meals outside and staying active with walks and yoga classes.
Everything about this season makes me feel more alive and inspired. I am welcoming Spring with open arms!

Jewels of a Dreamer

Ashley Berry: @helloashleyberry

spring detox

I like to take an inventory of my life at regular intervals to look for areas where I might be carrying extra baggage that’s weighing me down rather than supporting my growth and wellness. Seasonal shifts are, of course, a great time to do this and I feel particularly inspired to do a bit of “life cleaning” at the beginning of Spring.

The home is always a good place to start because seeing the immediate, concrete results of a de-cluttered space can really get the momentum going for simplifying in other areas of life as well. I live in an apartment that’s on the smaller side so I’m pretty ruthless when I de-clutter. I like to take my home, room by room, and start with any spaces that I find myself steering clear of because they’ve become unmanageable—that drawer that I put stuff in when I don’t know where else to put it, the cabinet that has become a total mess, or the shelf that I never go to because it stores a bunch of things I don’t actually use. I pull everything out and assess each item individually for whether or not it holds true functional and/or sentimental value. With certain types of objects, particularly clothes, I’ll set a time limit. If I haven’t worn it in the past year, it goes, no matter how much I want to believe that one day I’ll have an excuse to wear it again.

Usually, once I start getting rid of stuff, the process is so freeing that I’m eager to apply it to other areas of my life. I’ll clean up files in my computer and assess my finances for places where I can simplify and free up some extra space. I’ll also look at my schedule and the ways I’m spending my time and ask myself if each commitment is the best use of my energy and resources. Perhaps I’ve found myself spending too much time browsing Facebook when I could have been doing something that’s truly an investment in my health, happiness, and the contributions that I want to be making in the world. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time with people or doing things that aren’t truly in alignment with my most important values and goals. Doing this kind of overhaul two or three times a year makes it so much easier to maintain that sense of freedom, alignment, and simplicity throughout the entire year.

Hello Ashley Berry

What are your Spring cleaning and Spring detox rituals for your life and home? Share in comments.

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