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Divine Living – 4 ways to create “divine” sacred spaces at home

It is vitally important to create spaces that cultivate a practice which daily connect us to our sacred and divine nature. This is important for us and our loved ones to create balance in the home. We need spaces to nourish our body, mind and soul, to heal with self-care and motivate us to go out into the world and share this knowledge with others.

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt it was important to create a space for myself that felt beautiful and organized, which in return allowed me to be creative, rest well and feel peace within my space. As I grew older and became an interior designer, I saw how design and healing work together to create spaces that stimulate all of the senses. Your home should be a sanctuary that promotes self-love, self-care, healing, creativity, relaxation, motivation, sensuality, nourishment and more.

Divine living is that added bonus of luxury. It is those extra soft organic sheets or the fur rug next to your bed that delight your toes every morning and night. It is curating your bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation, reflection and meditation with candles, music, incense, essential oils and luxury bath towels along with a cup of ceremonial tea. Your home is your temple and sanctuary away from the chaos of the external world. It is a place to rejuvenate and restore your soul and should feel like a divine sacred space.

4 ways to create “divine” sacred spaces at home:

  1. Use natural organic products and materials wherever possible. There is nothing better than preparing a deliciously organic healthy meal, followed by a bath using products such as Fig & Yarrow’s bath and body kit or an organic bath fizz ball and then getting cozy in your organic bamboo cotton sheets.
  2. Choose lighting that creates the perfect mood for each space. Use bright lights to energize and awaken you and dim lights to relax and calm you. I personally love to use lamps with low wattage warm tone bulbs and lots of candles most of the time at home. This is the lighting that I feel the most calm and creative in. I use bright task lighting for cooking, reading, working and cleaning.
  3. Customize your sacred space to delight your senses. Use a color scheme that you feel is calling you. I love using the Color Collective’s blog to find color palette inspiration. Release fragrances and sounds that promote the mood you are creating. I love to use lavender, vetiver and sandalwood for calming and grounding along with sounds from Kundalini radio or recently listening to the songs by M83 and Glass Animals. My favorite awakening scent right now is Doterra’s Citrus Bliss.
  4. Bring nature indoors. This is one of my favorites and so important for grounding and healing. I use plants, flowers, rocks, crystals, natural fabrics, reclaimed wood, salts, essential oils, incense and branches to pull nature into my spaces. These are powerful for connecting you to nature when you are in your home or in the city where there isn’t much nature surrounding you. You can create an alter or space to display some beautiful seasonal fresh flowers along with that special rock or shell you found on a hike or walk and some palo santo incense burning. These will all keep you grounded and balanced.

Now go create your divine sacred spaces and share them with me.

With love,


Jessica Cure

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