Embodying Self Love: Journey into Spring

Taking Action for Self Love

What does taking action towards self love mean to you?

Awaken to Your Purpose

I was lost in a world pleasing everyone else except myself. How can you get to know your true self when you don’t even love yourself. I remember having the feeling of needing to please others, which meant I had to be two different people, my true self and the one I was expected to be. Until one day I was so lost trying to “play the game” called life, that I felt the need to control every situation just to feel like I had a say in my own life. The truth is, I always had my own voice, but I didn’t love myself enough to listen to it. Then the time came for me to open my eyes, awaken to the truth and make decisions to follow my own heart and happiness. I distinctively remember a moment where I decided to take action and write down all of the decisions in my life that made me happy. I woke up one day and decided to leave all the choices I had made for others behind and discover myself again. Fall in love with ME. I left my job, my home and my relationship to move to a new city where I began creating a life I loved. I made sacred spaces just for me. I made my home my sanctuary for self love and self care. I started to play the piano again. I danced around my home, did yoga, took bike rides and walks along the river. I prepared deliciously healthy organic whole plant foods to nourish my body, mind and soul. I fell in love with myself. I created art again. I traveled often and spent more and more time in nature, grounding myself and manifesting peace. I made my own cleaning products and stayed committed to a toxic free home. I spent extra time in the bath, relaxing and giving self massage. I chose to trust my own intuitions. I chose to feel alive. I chose to feel every feeling, even if I didn’t like what I was feeling. I made a choice to live again and once I chose these things, my life changed. The anger started to fade away, the anxieties and fears grew less and less. I began to love myself and once I did this, I was able to believe in the power of LOVE again. My walls came crumbling down. I became vulnerable again. I opened my heart again. I took action in my own healing and am so grateful for the beautiful journey.

Self Love

I encourage you to start now. Take action and embody self love with Pilar, our community and me, Jessica Cure. Join us for a 21 day journey to the core of your true self. You can find us on instagram @curedesignstyle and @zennedout7 where we will be posting each week 7 topics for embodying self love for that week. We will all be sharing our experience on each topic. We are creating new habits, getting rid of limiting beliefs and conditionings. Learning new ways to listen to our bodies. How to create sacred spaces that will allow us to be clear minded, at peace and focused. This is not a challenge, but rather a journey that we all get to be a part of and a way of supporting each other in our personal journeys. At the end of the 21 days, we will celebrate Spring Equinox, and choose some of YOU to receive some goodies from some of our sisters and ourselves.

Self Love


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