Healing Lifestyle Journey to Glowing Health

I would love to introduce you to one of my mentors and friend who helped me transition into a healing lifestyle, move past my toxic beliefs, reduce the pain due to an auto-immune disease and fully embrace self love. Thank you Christine for being a huge part of my transformation.

Who are you?

HI! My name is Christine Roseberry, I’m a Registered Nurse and Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. I created the blog Just Glowing with Health where I share raw and vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration that helped me in becoming fibromyalgia-free and hopefully will help others on their journey to GLOWING health.


After having suffered for years with severe chronic pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia, I hit my worse point ever which kept me housebound and in bed for almost three months. I had tried so many different treatments from medication to alternative methods and nothing was giving me relief. I started seeing the connection of how I felt, better or worse, depending on what I ate so I decided to drastically change my diet. I learned about the raw food diet in my studies and it sounded like it was the answer. I started seeing positive changes immediately and after one year I no longer suffered with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

What are your tips for someone who is wanting to reduce or eliminate pain naturally?

I believe food is a form of medicine. So health starts on the inside. What we put in our bodies can either create health or cause disease. If we fill our bodies with inflammatory foods like processed, refined junk food, sugars and animal products that are void of nutrients and difficult to digest then we will feel tired, in pain, low in energy, and heavy. If we fill our bodies with living, nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables that are vibrant in color then we will feel ALIVE and vibrant on the inside.

Ginger and turmeric have been shown in studies to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties comparable to NSAID’s (ie ibuprofen) but without the side effects. They are a staple in my kitchen!

Having dealt with the pain of fibromyalgia for so many years other natural methods to relieve pain for me personally were essential oils, relaxation techniques like deep breathing and stretching.


You were a huge part of my healing journey after major setbacks with my autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis. How can others in this same place start their healing journey and what tools do they need?

In the case of a chronic condition like yours, you were being followed by a medical doctor but you took an active role in your health. You educated yourself, sought out natural alternatives and made dietary and lifestyle changes to complement the treatment you were receiving from your doctor. You made your doctor aware of these changes and we were all working together as a team to assist you as best as we could.

The best start is to get informed of what alternatives there are and be proactive for your health.

We are what we eat. Nutrition and what we feed our body has a vital role in our health. Food can either be a form of medicine or poison to our body. Having a health professional to support you along the way, as you did, is definitely an important tool because it really helps in assuring success when starting out in an unfamiliar journey.

I would love to hear about your side of seeing my transformation and tell me the story you saw unfold. What do you think was easiest and hardest for me to overcome and what tips can you give for others going through similar obstacles?

Yes, I’m thrilled I was able to be a with you on your journey. It was and still is very inspiring! One of the initial challenges I remember for you was trying to adjust to this new lifestyle from your current one, especially on a social level. You had a job with very odd hours, you were used to a certain social scene where your friends had very conflicting interests. So, I think you had to find yourself in this new chapter of your life and discover where your new goals and lifestyle fit into the picture.

One thing in particular I remember, is being how driven you are, which is something admirable, but it was very hard for you to stop and rest, which was something your body really needed in the phase of intense healing. You were literally doing it all. But you quickly felt the effects and when you finally rested you slept on and off for 3 days straight! You noticed the improvement shortly after and realized how sleep and rest is a form of medicine and is just as important as what you feed your body.

Another challenge I remember was learning to unlearn many fundamental beliefs regarding food. For example, since you were very active at the gym with working out and even had a trainer, you had been used to a high protein diet, as most are taught that this is the basis for a lean body.

Initially you tried to continue with the eating a high amount raw protein like nuts and seeds, but very quickly you saw the effects of unwanted weight gain. But at the same time you feared what not getting enough protein would cause you to lose muscle. Once you realized that greens were an optical source of low fat protein and that all living food has protein, you made the changes in your diet and you started seeing and feeling the results.

Other than that you took the bull by the horns, so to speak and did what you had to do in making the changes. If ever you slipped into old habits you didn’t let that stop you from moving forward and you kept getting back up. You were determined!

I’m very proud of you and all the changes you made in putting your health first and being the glow-getter that you are!


You definitely love your fruits and veggies. What makes eating raw vegan a better option for you than say whole cooked plant based options?

Whole cooked plant-based options can be good too. But when you’re looking to heal you want to get as many nutrients in your body to build up your immune system as possible. The heating process in cooking damages or destroys many of the nutrients. This makes it harder on the body to digest, creating toxic residue. In fact, studies have shown that the body reacts to cooked foods the same way it does with a foreign invader, like virus’ or bacteria.

This creates more work for the body, which could potentially be going to healing you instead.

So, when one switches to raw fruits and vegetables all the nutrients are in tact from the enzymes which are essential for digestion, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, etc. They’re also much easier to digest, taking much less energy and time for the body to digest, leaving your body with more energy to now focus on healing YOU.

The Live Food Factor is one of my favorite books. It’s the most comprehensive book on the raw food diet I’ve seen. It provides the scientific research backing the raw food diet, healing recipes for kids and adults, testimonials, answers to the frequently asked questions and tons of information to help one along the raw food journey. I consider it an essential tool for anyone looking to be healthier and especially those new to the raw food lifestyle. And it’s not a boring read, I couldn’t put it down when I first started reading it, and I’ve gotten similar comments from my clients who feel the same…even you! 🙂

You seem to have a thriving garden. What are your tips for urban gardening for a beginner?

Thank you yes! My garden is my healing space. It’s my passion, I simply love it. It’s a form of relaxation for me too. I initially started with just composting, as a raw foodie I eat so much fruits and vegetables I so I decided to compost all my food scraps to help build the soil in my yard.

I’m all about reducing and reusing so if I can make use of something, even scraps, I will! From there came the desire to grow my own garden. The most important thing in a garden is rich mineralized soil. The plants can only be as healthy as the soil their growing in and they will only nourish you based on what they are nourished with from the soil. So I made sure to properly mineralize my soil before planting. Besides using some compost for my soil I am a huge fan of Azomite, which mineralizes the soil. I use that regularly in my garden through out the year and my plants thrive on it.

For urban gardeners that might not have much space grow what you can in pots, on decks, balconies wherever you can it’s so worth it.


How do you stay conscious of watering your garden during the drought or any other points on keeping bugs away etc for gardening. Any permaculture info you can include?

As far as bugs go, I’ve never used any products to control them but I haven’t had a real big problem. A couple of times my greens had an Aphid infestation, so I had to meticulously remove any leaves that were over taken with them and pray down the plants with water daily. I quickly gained control over the situation and for maintenance I’m regularly in my garden inspecting the leaves for bug control, removing any caterpillars or bugs on the leaves and escorting them out of my garden. 🙂

Living in SoCal with little rain annually and the current drought situation, I avidly collect rainwater. The beginning of the season I collected several buckets of water (back in September) and that lasted me for several months without ever having to touch a hose, until the next big rainfall, which I’m currently utilizing. I strategically place the buckets around the corners of my house where the rains falls from the roof in heavier quantities. Not to mention that I truly believe that is why my garden thrives, due to the rain water.

Tell us about your new 21 Days to Glow transformation program.

It just recently launched and I’m so excited! It’s called 21 Days to Glow a step-by-step program to raw food and better health. It’s designed to give you all the tools you need to take the thinking and stress out of the process. It comes with a meal plan, simple delicious recipes, shopping lists, a menu calendar, eating out tips, prep tips and so much more!

When I first started the raw food diet , I had no idea what I was doing and it was so frustrating and time consuming. So in this program I share all my healing tips, tricks and secrets that I’ve learned along the way so you can focus on enjoying the foods and health benefits you will feel! Here’s the link for all the details of the program, check it out!


21 Days to Glow Transformation Program

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