Three Key Practices to Unlocking Self-Acceptance: Lillie Claire Love

Today is about self-acceptance and day 20 of our 21 day journey embodying self love with Pilar aka Zennedout7. You can follow the journey on Instagram and search #embodyingselflove2016 to read what everyone has been sharing. Meanwhile, I am so excited to share with you an interview with this lovely goddess, Lillie Claire Love. We met awhile back at a beautiful full moon sister circle in a bell tent in Topanga Canyon. She was leading the mediation and had such a calm spirit, I just had to get to know her more. A few months ago she interviewed me on sacred spaces and now I get to share her response on the topic: Self-Acceptance. Enjoy!

Who are you?

Hi! I’m Lillie Claire Love, I am a Sensuality, Intimacy and Self-Love Coach. Specifically I work with the tools of Tantra, Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Law of Abundance, Energy Healing, and Life Coaching to guide women to embrace and embody the power of the Feminine within themselves to cultivate pleasurable, luscious and radiant lives! I work with couples to expand and deepen their capacity for intimacy, passion, clear communication and to have a really powerful relationship! I also have been using these powerful practices to receive and create abundance and prosperity in my own life and lives of my clients, so it’s unlimited what this energy can do for us!

What are the keys to acceptance, love, joy and pleasure inside ourselves?

In the simplest terms, the keys to unlocking and maintaining Self-Acceptance, love, joy and pleasure in ourselves is these 3 practices:
1. Breath ~ From our breath, everything arises and falls away. With conscious and guided breathing practices we can uncover what is holding us back from experiencing these qualities of life (sometime very different to what we think!). Expanding your breath capacity is expanding your capacity for Self-acceptance and all of life. Once we take the time and practice to expand, we can start to uncover what is in the way of our being joyful, loving, or feeling loved or pleasure. We then can see more clearly what it is we need to shift in our lives, relationships, work, self, to move closer to being and feeling they way we want. Which brings me to…
2. Feel ~ Being aware of and working with the body and it’s sensations will unlock much freedom for us all. The more you can be with your own shadows and the darker emotions, the more you will be with the lighter and brighter ones too!
Allow yourself to really feel what is going on inside of you; the sensations in your body, your emotions and the thoughts that create your perception and experience, and to do this all with little to no judgment! If you have anger, or sadness come up, what do you usually do? Do you dismiss it, push it down further, express it without thinking about the consequences of your actions? Or are you able to observe the emotion running through you, to be present to what it’s message is for you and to see it pass (however long that takes) with compassion and ease?
This is certainly not an “easy” practice, especially when you first start practicing self-acceptance (everything is a practice you know!). Sometimes you’ll forget and you will let your thoughts/feelings/emotions run the show. Other times you’ll breathe with the risen emotion and it intensifies and you need to scream into a pillow or cry your heart out and hold yourself like a child.
We have been taught to not feel in our society. That our “negative emotions” are… negative. What if they all had a purpose and were here to teach us something? What if the feeling wasn’t the message but merely the messenger? Much of the time the message I receive from my emotions is “You need to take more time for yourself.” They come in excess because I’ve neglected to stay connected to how I am feeling in my body and given too much attention to my mind (which loves to cling to what could go “wrong”), to others and outside commitments which causes stress.
This is a key to unlocking pleasure in your body also! There are brain studies that show a woman who believed she could not orgasm. While touching herself through an MIR brain scan (amazing they do these studies for us!), her brain was lighting up all the places that engage when having an orgasm, but she said she “didn’t feel anything”. She believed and told her subconscious mind she couldn’t feel pleasure or orgasm, so she really couldn’t feel her own pleasure, despite her body experiencing it all! This shows how shut down we can become to our own sensations because we believe the thoughts we think are the message, when in fact they are the messenger.
3. Reveal ~ You have to be courageous and open yourself up to others. You gotta say to your partner (new or not!), “I’m really scared of being hurt”, or to your friends, “I need more support from you”. You have to be willing to open your heart and let yourself be seen, vulnerabilities and all. Practice this with yourself for Self-Acceptance. Spend time in the mirror and cultivate curiosity with this being who is staring back at you! Tell yourself what you see, what you like about you. Use the Hawaiian prayer with yourself and others; “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”
If you really want to increase pleasure in your body (not just your life) then reveal your desires to yourself or a lover. Practice all of these tools, breathing into your body, being with the sensations, listening for the messages, revealing your deepest part of you and your desires… keep repeating and remember breath is the first and last practice to acceptance and pleasure!

How has your journey become a catalyst for your guidance/coaching/courses?

My own journey was the catalyst to becoming a coach! I’ve always been an empath, and as a kid I was the mediator between my separated parents and my sibling. I have always been a kind of counsellor to friends, and was able to see how a different choice might create a more easy path. But I wasn’t good at doing that for myself, I was very critical of myself (I still struggle with this sometimes), and although I could sometimes see what I needed to do to redirect my life toward a more healthy and fulfilling place, I wouldn’t give myself that very often. I had to hit rock bottom to finally say “Enough is enough! I want the life I dream of to be my life!” It was a long and dark road to get here but I am living my dream life now, and I’m excited that there is always more unfolding! I was so fulfilled by the tools that transformed my life that I wanted to share it with everyone. And so my natural gifts of empathy and counseling have come together with experience, training and knowledge now. I aim to guide and support people towards being their most brilliant, loving self and living the life of their dreams; and doing it much quicker than I had to go through!

You recently taught a webinar on Sex, Lies and Feminine Power, can you share with us some of the concepts from this course and how women can transform through sensuality?

The course focussed around us breaking through the barriers to our sensual and sexual freedom. Women have a deep story in our DNA around needing to protect and control because we cannot trust. There is trauma in our subconscious and our bodies and this keeps us from letting our heart lead the way, have healthy boundaries, and letting go in emotional and sexual intimacy. It is a huge key to our wellbeing, self-acceptance and happiness to allow ourselves to be loved on every level and to enjoy sex and emotion together! Some of us enjoy sex, but without the emotional intimacy, some enjoy being emotionally connected but can’t relax enough to enjoy sex. Sadly, some women are cut off from both.
Our power is in our femininity and when we live from our sex center and our heart, anything is possible and we will feel empowered, safe, open, happy, sensual and free! It’s time to make peace with our femininity as a beautiful and fierce power within us, and not something that we have to suppress or use to manipulate the masculine.

Do you have any upcoming courses?

Yes! I have just opened registration for an online coaching program, for men and women, that uses pleasure, sensuality and the creative manifestation power of the feminine energy to create abundance and prosperity in your life! It is called “O Manifest!” I am very excited because the tools in this course are so powerful and have transformed my outer, material life as well as internally! Our basic right on this planet is to be here and to have. It doesn’t mean we have to be greedy, but abundance is actually natural. It’s time we all started to embrace this and a bonus is you get to feel really good while creating it!
You can learn more about it here;

How can people get in touch with you?

You can visit my website at and contact me there! I would love to hear from you!
I am on InstaFacebook and Twitter as Lillie Claire Love too!
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