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“Out of sight, out of mind!” I leave my yoga mat and other at home workout equipment in plain view as a constant POSITIVE reminder to exercise.  

Hey everyone! I want to introduce you to a good friend, Evan Marie Ruiz. From the first time we met she was a barrel of enthusiasm. We were attending a festival and decided to give each other nicknames. Hers is Lavender since she had lavender hair and mine is Rosemary. I guess we have a love for essentials haha. Anyway, she has motivated me to be consistent with my workout routines, which can be tough sometimes to get out and do them when my body is feeling extra inflamed due to my autoimmune disease or when my schedule is so hectic. Her guidance is always to keep it simple and not to stress, which has been key to my daily rituals and routines.


What are some simple ways we can stay consistent with an at home workout routine and create sacred space for yourself?

Staying consistent with workout routines is tough for tons of people. This is why I feel that environment is on the top of my list and main focus when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle.  It is too easy to break a routine when nothing around you motivates or supports your health.  Here are some ways to create the ideal at home workout environment to help stay consistent and motivated with routines:

“Out of sight, out of mind!” I leave my yoga mat and other at home workout equipment in plain view as a constant POSITIVE reminder to exercise.

Have a designated space that you will continuously exercise in.  Creating a consistent space specifically for your workout.  This will help train your brain for the need of this daily routine in the initial stages.  When trying to establish a habit of any sort, repetitiveness is key.
What are your favorite tricks for staying consistent with your daily nutrition?

My top and most obvious trick for staying consistent with nutrition is to not have any temptation in the house!!! I also prep as often as I can.  Having a meal ready to go makes healthy a more convenient choice than fast food.
If there is only time in your day for one health ritual what would it be?

If I only had time for one health ritual it would have to be a morning jog.  It clears my mind and sets off my day in the most positive way.
What’s your advise for those looking to reach their healing health goals in 2016?

My advice for anyone trying to reach a healing health goal would to be take it one step at a time.  If you fall into temptation whether it be with food or exercise, do not beat yourself up.  Putting too much pressure on yourself creates stress and that is a HUGE cause of an unhealthy life.  Take a breath, do your best, and appreciate the steps you are taking.
Where can they find you online?
I am on Instagram @evanruiz


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