“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”
— Buddha

Gratitude is one of those things people always said was important. I was taught from a young age to be thankful, that the grass isn’t greener and that I was blessed. I remember my dad saying, “Don’t worry about what they have, it just means they have more bills.”

At the same time I was pushed into the world to go and be successful. A world where consumerism was at it’s peak and media projecting everywhere how we need to be better looking, make more money and buy more in a never ending fight of perfectionism. I struggled between knowing my worth and wondering if I would ever be good enough. It wasn’t until I started to really understand the full capacity of what gratitude meant and how to apply it that my life started to transform. It took many struggles and heartache to begin the process of  letting go of my old conditioned thinking. I realize all I am grateful for and that has allowed me to be true to myself more than ever before in my life. I am so grateful to share with all of you.

Create a sacred space to share intentions and gratitude with love ones. Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to sit down and share. For me, some of the best self-care is spending time around tables like these.

As we draw near to yet another holiday season, we are reminded to sit down with loved ones on Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are thankful for. How many of you share gratitude with others on a daily basis? I love showing my love and gratitude through acts of service. One of these is being the hostess. I love to create a beautiful sacred space to share with others.

An easy idea is to prepare a gratitude dinner once a week or month, invite your loved ones and anyone you want to share with. Set the intentions for the evening, create a beautifully set tabletop with a combination of some vintage finds, staples from your kitchen, and some added purposeful decor. I love to bring nature indoors and create a balanced grounded space. Fresh flowers, greens, veggies, fruit, rocks and crystals are all perfect ideas to creating your space. For my gratitude dinner, I included some rocks that I painted and wrote on each one what I am grateful for. At dinner each guest chose whichever rock was calling them in that moment and took it home as a reminder of the love shared together.

“For me, some of the best self-care is spending time around tables like these.”
— Jessica Cure

I encourage you to begin to write down all that you are grateful for on a daily basis and watch your life transform. Share this with family and friends. Make a point to create space to share gratitude with others.

With love,

Jessica Cure

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