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Inspiration – Carly Morgan Gross Sexy Self Care

December is here and the holiday season is in full mode which means lots of parties and fun, but can also be a time leading to extra stress. It is important during these times to really set time aside for yourself with a self care practice. This month I will be writing a lot about holiday ideas and incorporating self care to your busy schedule.

First let’s start with interviewing Carly Morgan Gross about what self care is to her and all about her Sexy Self Care course. Carly was one of the first instagram and blog accounts I found when I was looking to make some major changes in healing my gut naturally. She herself had suffered with gut health problems and provided so much information and inspiration for others while writing about her healing journey. She was the first person to introduce me to my favorite Doterra essential oils, how to balance my nutrition and most importantly how to listen to my body. In my healing journey with Ulcerative Colitis, I have had to learn when to rest, when to eat more, when to do more exercise or less. Really it is all a balancing act and when I have allowed too much stress creep in and disconnect from my intuitive feelings, then I experience pain or a flare. In Carly’s Sexy Self Care course she talks all about how to give yourself the self care you truly need and begin to really listen to your body and give it what it needs.
Why do we all need to take time for self-care daily?

We all need divine self care, period. Why? This body, this mind, this soul- this is the only place we have to live for the rest of our lives!

If we don’t take time for true nourishment at our core, we lose touch with the very blessings of having a body and a life in the first place.

That, and- with the stress of the world creeping in wherever it can, it’s sometimes easy to lose ourselves in the rush.

Self Care, (which looks different for everyone) is the way home. It’s empowers us to show up and be who we really are, because we are gifting ourselves what we need to let go of the worries of the world, and really spend time with ourselves.

How did you come up with your sexy self-care course?

It was so organic. What happened was that I was in a deep self-care process myself after my yoga teacher training in Thailand. I was practicing meditation, yoga, dance, mindful meals, self-massage, pleasure practices, breath work, and more… and at a point I felt the calling to get these tools out to the world. Because I notice such a difference in the quality of my life when I’m practicing and showing up for myself- with sexy self care- I realized that it was my time to share. That, and I wanted to give the tools to one on one clients of mine- film these videos and share with them all these practices- but I didn’t have it done. So I thought what better way to film and share than to make a video-based course on it all.

What does your sexy self-care course include and how can people sign up?

The course is a 28-day video-based email course designed to give women a toolkit of self care rituals that they can start to use to transform their relationship to their bodies and food. Because most of my clients and readers struggle with body image and being fully embodied, the course is a great way to really tap in to the magic of the body and honor who she is. Each day you get a video with a self-care ritual, a plant-based recipe, and a paradigm shifter- a little mental note to journal about to start to shift your mindset around your body and self care in general.

You can sign up for the next course that begins January 1st at

What are your favorite self-care products?

At the moment, I’d have to say the Jade Egg. That and Body Ecology Coconut Kefir.

Most of the rituals and tools in the course are product free, though. The body is magical in herself!

How can someone apply more self-care in their home?

Ask yourself- how can I be more compassionate to myself at home?

There is your answer.

We have all the answers we need, truly.

As a practical tip- switch out any chemical cleaners and lotions for organic. Try moisturizing with coconut oil. Get some essential oils permeating in the air. Light some candles. Make your home a sacred and inviting place to be. And clean! Organize! You’d be surprised how much the outside reflects your inner world.

How has your journey created your healing transformation?

I first thought healing only had to do with food and natural medicines. This was far from the truth, as I learned.

Although nutrition is the first place to start in a healing transformation journey, it is truly only the start.

My healing came with sexy self care, following true pleasure, really feeling embodied within.

I even wrote a book called Already Healed back in the day (participants of the course get this book for free!) because I found that it was less about seeking healing all the time, and more about embodying this body in full NOW.

What were the key lessons learned on this path?

  • You are the guru. You are your own master. Listen to your body first.
  • Laughter cannot survive the ego. Laughter is the supreme spiritual path.
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, crying rocks. Many of us were taught to cover up our feelings and put on a happy face. Doing this can take problems and root them deeper down inside the body.
  • Crying lets them loose, and makes room to heal.
  • All physical problems are rooted in the spiritual and mental body first and foremost. Holistic healing means looking at how the issue was manifested in the first place and whats missing in our life and/or mindset.
  • God is in everything. Trust in the moment. Trust in the path you are on. Trust in your situation. It is a message, it is FOR you, it is God.
  • Stress and fear hurt the body, the digestion, and the heart more than a BigMac from McDonalds.
  • Imperfection is perfection. Ground in the body you have here and now and love her up.
  • Educate yourself on food and health and healing and spirituality and anything else on this path, but at the end of the day- eat what you want, do what you want, breathe how you want, exercise in a way you want- and all without the least amount of guilt.
  • Restricting food strictly leads to disordered eating in the future, so allow yourself fun and yumminess in a way that feels good to you. Eat calmly, get pleasure, and enjoy every moment.
  • Intimacy and femininity is a core of a healthy relationship to food and self.
  • Get present. Breathe deeper. Relax. Trust. Surrender. And over everything, love deeper. Even when its hard. Even when you think they don’t deserve it. Even when you think you don’t deserve it. Love deeper. Love harder. Love now.

What is the one word of encouragement you would give to someone just starting their own healing process?

One word? That’s tricky… TRUST.

CarlyCreate a soulful, sexy, and intuitive relationship to your health, body, weight, and life!


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