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The Beekeeper’s Baby: Inspiring Mother and Vegan Soap Maker

I love finding artists, crafters and specialty product makers on social media, Instagram being my favorite right now. Rette @thebeekeepersbaby is one of those finds that make me happy, because I love handmade natural vegan products and well she makes vegan soaps that I can’t get enough of. I love making my own products, but soaps have never been a product I found easy or felt like I could properly source the quality of ingredients I would need, so thank you Rette. I also love finding women who are in business for themselves, whether they have a physical place of business, their own website or like Rette, an Etsy account. She is rocking as a mother and wife, while creating self care products for us! I recently interviewed her asking questions about why she makes her products vegan, how her passions have benefited her spending time with the family and what other creative or healthy passions she loves. Check it out.


I’m Rette! Boise-grown, I moved to Salt Lake for college and have now been here more than 10 years. I have two wild boys (1 and 3), love to knit, and raise a big garden through season. I learned from growing up with parents who, besides a large garden and small orchard, raised bees, chickens, cooked in solar ovens and heated their house entirely with a wooden stove. As the only girl in my family, I am the beekeeper’s (my dad’s) baby.


 I started making soap in Oct of 2014, and definitely did not see a shop coming. At the time, I had a 2-year-old and a newborn, and just wanted to try something new to break up the monotony of child-caring. As it turns out, I absolutely love the creativity and chemistry behind soap-making. I make everything in my kitchen and chase my boys around in between the process. Some of the recipes are entirely my own concoctions, and some are variations from books. However, all are made small-batch and will slightly vary from batch to batch as all hand-crafted items do. It’s just part of the charm.


I will always keep my products Vegan. It’s just most responsible.

Since I had the opportunity to grow up directly involved in the farming and harvesting processes, I understand first hand how much work is actually behind animal products. I firmly believe that if I can create kick-ass soap without them, everyone is better off for it. The people, the animals, the environment.

My boys take the soap very seriously. They are chief sniff-testers and take turns manning the spice-grinder. It’s pretty common for the boxes to leave our house decorated with stickers and markers as well. I can only hope the artwork is as well received as intended by a 3-year-old and his little brother.

The cross-stitch families have been so much fun for me to do. Simply, I started doing them for the shop because they make me happy. They take so much more time than I charge, but the extra details and attention are what make the difference when you’re dealing with a 1″x2″ little person. I might start limiting orders during the summer when my garden starts taking up the majority of my time, but since adding them to the shop this winter it has opened new doors for heartfelt gifts. I’m pleasantly surprised that most orders come through as gifts for special friends.


You can find all of Rette’s goodies on her Etsy store The Beekeeper’s Baby and on Instagram @thebeekeepersbaby.

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