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Musings – Reflections on 2015 and a Thank You

“Your external reality is a reflection of your internal vibration.”

I spent the last few weeks enjoying the holidays, but really felt the need for some deep reflection on the year while beginning to set some mindful intentions going into 2016. I spent Christmas night under the full moon cleansing and letting go of the anger that had seemed to inch its way into my heart. The last few months were filled with heavy emotions surrounded by sick loved ones, my own health, issues from the past arising, car issues and relationships. Much of these are lessons and I needed to take note, process my feelings, go deep within myself to let go of the anger and fear. This allowed the love to flow back into my heart.

When I look back to the start of 2015, wow I can’t believe all I have done and accomplished this year. It felt like it flew by, yet the story reveals so much more. I spent last New Years Eve alone in my place in Denver. I remember feeling so calm setting my intentions for my year, of course in a hot bath with lots of essential oils and tea.

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I set out to make Cure Designs the showcase of my passions. I wanted to share my journey and creative ideas in a way that was really true to me. I chose to connect more in nature, travel often and release the old ways of fearful living. I decided to choose love! Self Love! In 2014 I had learned that allowing the synchronies in life to guide me was truly freeing and I wanted to live more in the present.


I traveled to the UAE, to Dubai, where I roamed the Arabian desert, rode a camel and dune buggied through the sand watching the sunset. I spent some time in Costa Rica enjoying the free feeling effects of simple living, being emerged in nature surrounded by all of my favorite fruits. I packed up all of my belongings and put them in storage so I could spend the summer with my family. I watched my cousin, sister and brother each marry their loves and yay me I got some cool additions to my family. I followed my intuitions and have felt with the cycles of the moon, releasing and setting intentions each month.



I had some UC flares that caused me a lot of pain, but I managed them so much differently than the past. I had my appendix removed in emergency surgery. I healed quick and decided to attend Lightning in a Bottle festival where I backpacked in to camp. This truly restored my soul. Art, yoga, nature, music, dancing, vegan food, sound therapy, recycling and so much sharing love! Wow how could I not be vibrating high after that weekend.


I decided to go searching Instagram for some LIB hastags and came across Alexandra Sasa’s account which led me to her website and her sister Mariah Gannessa. They are such beautiful feminine souls that brought me to a sisterhood yoga retreat on a farm in Sonoma. Here I felt more connected to my heart and purpose than ever before. I saw my vision clearly under the incredible nighttime stars surrounded by every age of women, all there to connect further with each other and our Mother earth.


Seeing how all this time in nature was so truly healing, I wanted to create Cure Designs purpose to share and create that healing energy in any space or home. I completed an inspirational art vision in a video form in collaboration with my new brother-in-law Jacob Messina.


I have met extraordinary people all over and have spent time with old friends who have all encouraged me and taught me more along the way. THANK YOU! Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams, for listening to the painful words and holding space for the tears to flow as I opened my heart and worked on releasing pain from the past and sharing intentions for the future. I couldn’t have had such a transformative year without each of the loving souls that have been weaved into my journey. Friends, family, loves and this amazing online community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all have been such a wonderful part of my life.


“I am love. I am worthy of all my hearts desires. I am a good person and deserve a happy healthy life. I am a healthy divine feminine warrior goddess who is infinitely powerful.”

What would you like to feel more of in your life? Take this time to reflect and consciously remind yourself who you are. Create a sacred space for gratitude, meditation and self-care. Create your I AM statement and feel the powerful vibration of your true nature.




Jessica Cure


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