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New Year, New Moon – Intentions

One of the main shifts I saw for myself in 2015 was staying consistent on keeping monthly new moon intentions and full moon releasing. As we have all been settling into the new year, we have been setting intentions for the year. Creating a tone for what we would like for ourselves over the next year. Most of us have also been feeling back into our daily wellness routines that we may have strayed from in the midst of holiday events. I want to share some of my intentions, some examples of new moon intention setting rituals, how I create sacred space to mindfully practice a daily routine and curate energy for the day, month and year. This new moon is tomorrow Janurary 9th. Which ps is also registration for Spirit Weavers Gathering! You know I will be there. So get ready to create your sacred space and set your intentions for this moon cycles growth.


This year has so much excitement coming for me and all of you!! I have been really looking forward to all of the beautiful realities of all of my work and manifestations. The last few days I have found myself just bursting with excitement. I am planning to dig deeper into my connection with mother earth. I am spending some time in Topanga joining M. Park Studio’s woman’s breathework and healing circle. I will be traveling to Ojai this month for some permaculture at East of Eden, while connecting with some new people that all happen to live in Ojai. Imagine that! I get to spend some quality time in Lake Crowley emerged in my writing and creativity surrounded by the snow filled landscape and sounds of nature. I will be ending my month with some time in Joshua Tree, where I will be connecting the dots for a new project which I will be sharing with you. So with so much excitement on the horizon, I set my intentions for this new moon to really ground in with nature. I am such a dreamer, so it is important for me to keep balanced throughout my creative process. Grounding has provide a special kind of healing for me. When it comes to living with an autoimmune disease, balance is key and I must be mindful of this during my travel. I will start each morning with a strong morning practice of tuning into my feminine powers, meditation and movement. This can include yoga, walking or dancing around, just getting my body moving and energized for the day. I will use my daily positive mantras and set my intentions for each specific day. I will start my day with healing anti-inflammatory food and drinks, while limiting caffeine to a very minimum. I will continue to use Carly Morgan Gross Sexy Self Care course as guidance and inspiration for my daily self care practice and try new plant based recipes. I will check in again this Full Moon and release whatever isn’t feeling right within my body and soul. I intend to do this out in nature and make the changes I need accordingly. Intentions are just ideas, so I intend to implement mindful practice and create the changes within myself. I intend to continue to TRUST my intuitions and choose to see all the synchronies life has been providing me.

Take time to meditate and write down your Intentions for this first New Moon of the year.

Here are some ideas for creating a sacred space for yourself to tune-in each day.

1. Find a space however big or small where you can spend time each day. It can be inside your home or out in nature.

2. Make it comfortable with blankets, pillows, yoga mat, cushions or anything that facilitates comfort.

3. Curate items that are meaningful to you. These can be changed out whenever you feel the need.

4. Create an energy for your space using items that evoke emotion or tune into your senses such as scents, music, pictures, plants, crystals and stones.

5. Place items in sight that will remind you of your intentions or reminders of what you want to manifest.


Please tune into your higher self this new moon and reap the benefits. Please feel free to share your rituals and how setting intentions has been beneficial for you. You can do so in the comments here or share through social media. Please post to my facebook page or post pictures on instagram. Be sure to tag me @curedesignstyle and hashtag #energycurator #newmoonintentions.


With Love,

Jessica Cure

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