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Permaculture and Global Warming: Ceibo Documentary

What is permaculture? How can you get involved in creating change?

A young Argentinian travel photographer makes a promise to plant native trees, Ceibos, in rural schools in his country in exchange for donations for his documentary project about ecological restoration and permaculture. For every 15 pesos (a dollar), Agustín will plant one tree.


Agustín Carri, photographer and filmmaker from Córdoba, Argentina, is actually residing in a permaculture project in Ojai (East End Eden), California, and his aim is clear: to document and inter-connect successful examples of ecological restoration around the world.

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A Ceibo for a Dollar

His plan is to start with three episodes, showing different impact centers in Argentina, Perú, United States, Brasil and more. The project has no geographical limits.

Half of the filmmaking process is already done, but to finish the first episode, Agustín, needs to go to the Peruvian Amazon, to a place called “Corredor Tambopata”. This place reunites more than 15 ecological restoration projects, including private conservation areas dedicated to reforestation, wildlife refuges and an Amazonic Indigenous community.

This will allow him to generate enough content to complete the first episode and get future funding.

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To make this possible, the young man, makes a promise to plant native trees in rural schools in his country in exchange for small donations. For each dollar (15 Argentinian pesos), he will plant a tree, which will carry the name of the donor, who will also be mentioned in the documentary credits.

Global warming is a fact, and projects like Ceibo need to be shown so we can regenerate the environment and ensure a better future for the coming generations.

We suggest the readers to take their time and read the proposal, to share the project with their friends and, if you can, make a donation. There are different rewards for each amount. These sort of things are hard to finance and thanks to internet, today we have an opportunity to collaborate for a greater good.


For more information about the campaign go to Ceibo, Facebook and DONATE.

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