Restore – Self Care and Holidays

The holidays are filled with busy schedules more so than usual, so please don’t forget with all the sharing, celebrating and gift giving how important it is to spend time with yourself. Give yourself permission to create your own bath time sanctuary away from the world. You need it, you deserve it and really everyone else will feel the effects of your self care rituals.

Start by cleaning your bathroom with non-toxic ingredients. Include some essential oils and some grounding incense such as palo santo, vetiver or cedar wood. Gather your favorite music playlist or create a new station to enhance your relaxation, meditation or creativity. Pick some soothing organic products to pamper yourself from head to toe. Hang your favorite robe, pjs and fluffy organic cotton towel nearby so you may finish your bath feeling warm and snuggle up. Make some organic soothing peppermint or calming chamomile tea. Create whatever your space needs to allow you to relax, feel at peace and be all about you. Yes you!

I love starting my bath with epsom salts, some flowers and essential oils. Before my bath I always use my dry brush in circles over my body to remove dead skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. If you aren’t already doing this, then start now, your skin will feel so much softer and you will be allowing your body to remove toxins easier in the bath. I usually choose a hair treatment, such as Prim Botanicals the hair oil, and a few products to give myself that healthy healing at home facial. I am loving Herbivore Botanics charcoal soap and face oils for cleansing followed by a manuka honey face mask such as Om Aroma. Manuka honey is super healing and full of probiotics to kill off any blemish filled bad bacteria on your skin. If I am feeling extra dry I add a little rice bran when I cleanse to exfoliate my face or a homemade body scrub which I will be writing all about next week. Once I am feeling clean and have my treatments on, I allow myself some deep relaxing. I love let my music put me in a perfect trance to slow my mind and feel very present in the moment. This is such the perfect opportunity to meditate and allow for healing in your sacred space. Once I am ready and the water is cooling, I enjoy a quick rinse, pat dry and slather on some yummy oils and a touch of a scent. One of my favorites is, Tauras – the sensual realist by Strange Invisible Perfumes, which use only sustainably wildcrafted and organic ingredients, so no yucky chemicals here. Now it is time to let all that pampering soak in and feel the healing benefits.

Painted pressed lavender
Painted pressed lavender and leaves to be applied to bath board.

How to create your own wood bathtub board. 

For this board I started with some reclaimed wood cut to a size that would hang over each side of the claw foot bath. If you have a bath with a wall close to one side then measure accordingly so it will sit nice on each side of your bathtub. For my board I wanted some metallic and nature designed on it so I started with fresh leaves and lavender. I used a book to press them while they dried. Once they were dry and pressed I painted them different metallic colors and used Mod Podge to paint them down and give the top of the board a glossy look. This was so simple and creates a nice piece for holding your tea, incense or candle and delightful products.


How to create a grounding space in your bathroom.

Grounding is a healing form of energy. It provides your body with balance and connection to mother earth that we all need so deeply need. Even though you may not be able to ground with nature in your bathroom. (Unless you are lucky and have an outdoor bath, yes this is my goal for my next home.) You can bring nature indoors with elements such as dried herbs hanging from a branch, dried flowers and herbs in the bath, crystals hanging from a wreath and even the water in your bathtub. Use whatever will help you connect more to nature and bring your consciousness back into your body.


Jessica Cure

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