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The Essentials – Cure Design Style Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning. Something about pulling out the little treasures adds to the holiday experience. This year let’s support small businesses and choose some healing and stylish stocking stuffers.

Norabloom Botanicals Organic Rose Flower Water


This is a must have for keeping that winter skin hydrated, but this one is special including added rose quartz crystal for good vibes. Use on your skin or as a room or linen spray.


CA Makes Handmade Bun Pins


I love easy buns and these pins make a stylish bun easy on the go. All the pins are handmade by Chelsea in her workshop in Santa Barbara made of solid brass, copper or lightweight steel.

Thanks to my gorgeous stylist and friend Jennie for showing me these beauties.


Urban Oreganics “Lump of Coal” Soap on etsy

A mini unscented activated charcoal bar is a perfect gift for that naughty someone’s stocking. This organic shop is filled with handmade vegan self care products made in Portland, OR and offering 20% off this week with code XMAS20.


The Ritual Store White Sage Smudge Stick and Healing Crystal

This sacred herb is known for its healing power and clearing negative energy. Bring cleansing and light into your home and meditation area.
Quartz Crystal attached.


Lilfox Botanicals Vanilla Orchid lip balm

I love vanilla! So having this perfect vegan, gluten-free lip balm on hand is essential. Use “puckerup” code and get a complimentary mandarin lip balm. That means two stocking stuffer essentials to brighten up the holiday. Those lips will thank you.


ForestChoice Color Pencils made with incense cedar 

Lately I have really been needing added creative outlets and coloring has been filling in the gaps. Get creative using these beautifully unique colored pencils. Grab a fun coloring book for any age and give the gift of creativity, meditation and healing.


Brass Ball Incense Holder from Spartan Shop

This simple incense holder is an essential item in my home. I use it sitting on any dish or plate I want anywhere in the house. It is a perfect stocking stuffer. Pair with my favorite incense sticks by Cinnamon Projects.


Cinnamon Projects Incense and Perfume Oil

These organic scents made with essential oils and raw materials are some of my favorite combinations ever. I love that each scent is named by the time of day transforming your space for hours. #TIMETOBURN series 01 scents “portray the hours of the infinitely inspired day”. – Cinnamon Projects


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